Quick Sew | Alterations
Quick Sew Kingston. Quick Sew has been offering clothing alternation services to the Kingston community for over 30 years. Located in the downtown core, we offer convenient and low-priced services. Queen's Jacket Discipline Bar sewing.
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From hemming pants and skirts to changing sleeves, or we can alter just about every garment.

Common Alterations:

Pants & Skirts Hemming

  • Tapering
  • Shortening and lengthening legs
  • Reducing and expanding the waist

Shirts and Outerwear

  • Shortening and lengthening arms
  • Taking in and letting out garment size



We can repair a wide range of rips, tears, broken zips, missing buttons – and anything in-between. We can make your article of clothing look great.

Leather garments can be altered as well.

We can repair more than just clothing. Any fabric products can be repaired, including camping gear, backpacks, etc.


Broken zippers on backpacks can be easily replaced.